Digiinformation.Com is a  division (platform) of Rista Multi Venture Pvt. Ltd. Digiinformation.com's services are - software development, application development, legal and consultancy service, game app development, many more services are available here. We are Best service  provider at very low cost.

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About of digital visiting card

Digiinformation.com through this customers can easily see information about your business and all other necessary information. people can exhibit their full list of products or services that is offer to your valuable customers. In the gallery section, you can list all your office, business, products, services or any other relatable images.Your customers can watch your videos in the digital visiting card. Digiinformation. Com is a business card. And it's a modern way to share contact information. Also known as virtual and electronic business cards, digital business cards are more interactive, cost-effective, and sustainable than their physical counterparts. One major benefit of digital business cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere.Your customers can call, Whatsapp, mail, save contact & navigate to your location in just 1 click. Your customers can see your brand logo with all the business details as well as contact information. Through social media channels, customers can view your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube accounts. Easy Share Option You can easily share your digital business card with anyone through the mail, WhatsApp, text message, etc.You can share your  digiinformation. Com business card with anyone, There are multiple ways to share your card: QR code / Email / Copy Text / All social media platform / Link sharing etc. Digiinformation. Com visiting card is best for everyone. Because Going digital is better for both networking and the environment. Digiinformationcom / Virtual cards are always available when you need them and never run out, so you’ll never need to order more. Digiinformation.com visiting card is Eco Friendly, Affordable, Alway up-to-date, Convenient. That's why digiinformation.com business card is best for all.


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